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The Significance of Sample Size in Research

The size of the sample plays a pivotal role in research as it directly impacts the precision and dependability of study findings. A larger sample size generally enhances the reliability and accuracy of results by minimizing the potential for error and bolstering the statistical robustness of the research. Conversely, a smaller sample size can introduce bias or render results inconclusive.

For instance, consider a scenario in which a researcher aims to gauge the prevalence of a particular disease within a population. A limited sample size in such a study may fail to accurately mirror the actual prevalence rate within the broader population, while an expanded sample size substantially elevates accuracy and the representativeness of findings.

Sample Size Finite Formula

standard deviaton
  • n0 is the sample size
  • N is the population size

Sample Size Infinite Formula

standard deviaton
  • z denotes to population Sample Size
  • p is the percentage estimate of the population
  • ei is the margin of error